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How to provide an inflatable structure break-out space at your next event.

Updated: May 19, 2023

We’re not talking about the breakout rooms found on Zoom calls made famous in 2020, we’re talking about divisions of larger events into smaller rooms away from the main plenary.

Creating a memorable event that also is effective in delivering content and your message is key when planning and executing an event that requires breakout rooms within the conference, meeting or forum.

Sectioning a range of spaces to deliver varying focus groups and presentations gives you, the event organiser, the option of becoming creative yet remaining practical and serviceable.

Portable Breakout Spaces

Breakout rooms over the years have included separate spaces within a venue. This is ideal when utilising a venue such as a hotel where multiple conference and meeting rooms are available to host smaller groups of attendees.

However, in larger venues and halls, splitting up and dividing the area had been possible with pipe and draping, trussing and stud panelling. These days there is more of a selection to create a creative and practical space within a venue for event organisers.

With the challenge of standing out without exceeding budgets being an underlying theme, inflatable structures have secured themselves as a staple for events to set areas within a larger meeting.

An inflatable breakout structure for meeting events in Rome. From Optix Structures, a leading inflatable structure company for event hire
Inflatable breakout space in Rome

Reasons to opt for inflatable breakout spaces.

  • Inflatable structures are incredibly quick to set up, large structures and inflatable walls can be installed/removed and repositioned quickly and quietly between coffee and lunch breaks and overnight.

  • These pop-up breakout rooms are incredibly portable and can be installed in most rooms, we have many sizes to suit each room and relevant guest capacity.

  • The glow of interior lighting creates a stylish and inspiring effect that, with over 11 years of experience as an inflatable structure company, still creates positive remarks and awe to this day.

  • The quiet running and operating sound of our structures mean that no disturbance to your conversations occurs.

Examples of needs for breakout spaces within an event.

  • Splitting regional teams after a national conference or annual general meeting

  • Focused topics and specialised keynotes

  • Reducing number capacity to a more manageable delegate size in order for greater interactivity

In this image Optix Structures showcase their premium inflatable breakout structure with blackout roof, trussing and carpet.
Inflatable breakout structure with blackout roof , truss and air conditioning

Indoor Structures for Break-out Meetings

In addition to pop-up inflatable breakouts being engineered to stand out and create a sophisticated environment within the larger event, inflatables are cost-effective too. Indoor event inflatables for breakout spaces require minimal crew due to their lightweight and energy-saving integral design.

Tips to provide ultra stylish inflatable spaces for your breakout sessions

  • Think of room height and access in and out for guests …don't forget fire escape positions

  • Be mindful of electrical points to reduce cabling and cable tidying and also to request a constant supply of power throughout the install, live event and de-rig.

  • Are there any overhead services such as a sprinkler system or chandelier that may need to be positioned for operational reasons?

  • Applying event graphics for sponsors or area identification is easily achieved with our temporary branding service. We thoroughly recommend going big and bold and using the backlit glow from the inflatable cavity wall that is integral to the inflatable breakout space. Logos, large format text and vector-based images are perfect to apply to a blank glowing canvas that is an airwall or a panoramic pod, for example.

  • If having inflatable spaces within a venue that isn’t carpeted we would mainly request carpet for sound insulation and another option to colour theme and stay on brand with your event scheme. This also helps to maintain the cleanliness of our immaculately white structures

  • If you are requiring a roof for your inflatable breakout structure then we would also suggest an airconditioning unit as screen walls, other event equipment and the general heat from guests’ bodies can increase the temperature within the space.

  • To create a more official space with added security within the space our glazed locking door systems can be added to the space with ease.

In this image a panel of guests present to an audience within an inflatable structure for a breakout meeting within a larger event.
Smaller breakout sessions creating an engaging and focused space.

Inflatable Breakout Structures

If you're looking to produce an event with innovative function that impresses all, then let us work with you to create the future of breakout structures for your next project.

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