Air supported contemporary dome structures

In search of a fresh approach to temporary structures you will find little else to beat the practicality, style and effectiveness of our inflatable dome structures.

Our dome range consists of different sized options from a 6m domed pop up to a 24m diameter venue. As a leading inflatable supplier, Optix Structures are a trusted inflatable dome hire company for UK and worldwide projects.


Fully customisable for all brands, activations and campaigns. With fully branded printed dome covers or temporary applied onsite dome branding.

Air Domes

To take the inflatable dome structures to the next level, we offer a professional hard floored system with a choice of coloured finish flooring, always recycled after each event and free-standing glazed door systems. Our remote control lighting creates a stylish glowing dome, ideal for corporate colour matching or zone identification or theming. 


If you would like to get creative with your space, each air dome can be linked to create a modular structure and different experiences within your project.


Indoors, our igloo structures can act as cool dome pods within many venues ranging from art galleries to exhibition centres.

Suitable in all weather conditions and wind rated up to 55mph, Optix outdoor domes excel in practicality as well as style.

Dome Design

As well as being experienced designers and a leading inflatable dome hire company, we also design and produce custom inflatable domes along with our stock inflatable domes to buy.


Inflatable Dome Applications:

Temporary event domes can be used for:

  • Conference structures for main plenary sessions

  • Breakout spaces for smaller meetings within events

  • Roadshows and exhibition spaces

  • Pop up retail units 

  • Open day structures for registration and meet and greets

  • Awards ceremonies and hospitality areas

  • Igloo domes for seasonal event structures

Dome Accessories:

  • Colour selective lighting

  • Temporary branding, applied onsite; fully printed dome covers or direct printing onto dome.

  • Hard flooring with carpet or different finish options

  • Free standing glazed doors

Inflatable Dome Details

Inflatable Structure Range

  • Bespoke Inflatables

  • Inflatable Walls

  • Inflatable Offices

  • Panoramics

  • Air Roofs

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