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Inflatable event walls


Fast and Modular Creative Wall System

Dividing spaces has never been so easy with our inflatable wall service. Our walls inflate in seconds, offering fast, stylish and practical partitions, to all venues.

Our inflatable wall range consists of several different sized options to be as flexible as your space requires. This makes this our most popular structure for indoor events in challenging spaces such as venues with columns. Each pop up wall structure has the ability to link together to create a wall to whatever size you require, this also means that multiple configurations are possible.

Blank canvasses can be transformed into contemporary light and airy spaces with our inflatable walling system. The air walls provide a complementing addition to contemporary spaces as well as an impressive contrast to older venues.

Inflatable Walls



1M 2M 3M 4M 5M 6M 8M 10M 12M

Inflatable wall modularity.png

Wall Modularity Example Maze

Pop Up Walling

Illuminated walling is easily achieved with remote control lighting, creating a stylish glowing inflatable wall, ideal for corporate colour matching or zone identification or theming. To complete an inflatable walled space, our free-standing glazed door systems give the professional finish to a quick installation.

The I wall is an ideal walling system for event applications such as conferences, exhibitions and roadshows.

Indoors, our pop up indoor inflatable walls can act as contemporary zones in a variety of venues ranging from art galleries to exhibition centres.

Ideal for small indoor meetings, our temporary walls can transform larger spaces into smaller breakout areas in the quickest and most innovative way possible.

As a specialist inflatable supplier, Optix Structures are the trusted inflatable wall hire company for UK and worldwide projects.

Inflatable Wall Applications:

Temporary event walls can be used for:

  • Main plenary sessions sectioned off with our range of inflatable walls

  • Creating breakout spaces for smaller meetings within events

  • Forming exhibition stands in various sizes

  • Pop up retail units

  • Pop up board room meetings

  • Temporary classrooms and room divisions for education

  • Pop up gallery walls for modern art galleries

  • Indoor walkways between areas

  • Inflatable backdrops for interviews, photography and e-sports

  • Temporary partitions for clinician areas within hospitals and surgeries

  • Site offices within construction industry

  • Therapy partitions and privacy screens for mobile therapists and technicians

  • Inflatable mazes

  • Inflatable reveal screens

Inflatable Wall Applications

Inflatable Wall Design

As well as being experienced designers and a leading inflatable wall hire company, we also design and produce custom inflatable partitions. If you need a bespoke inflatable screen designed, developed and delivered, talk to one of our technicians today.​


Inflatable Wall Accessories:

  • Temporary branding, applied onsite; fully printed inflatable office pod covers or direct printing onto inflatable office pod

  • Colour selective lighting

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Inflatable Wall Details

Inflatable Wall Sizes
Install / De-rig times
Branding Options
1m x 2.5mH
≤ 10 mins
Rent / Buy
Temporary Onsite Applied, Printed Banner
2m x 2.5mH
≤ 10 mins
Rent / Buy
Temporary Onsite Applied, Printed Banner
3m x 2.5mH
≤ 10 mins
Rent / Buy
Temporary Onsite Applied, Printed Banner
4m x 2.5mH
≤ 10 mins
Rent / Buy
Temporary Onsite Applied, Printed Banner
5m x 2.5mH
≤ 10 mins
Rent / Buy
Temporary Onsite Applied, Printed Banner
10m x 2.5mH
≤ 15 mins
Rent / Buy
Temporary Onsite Applied, Printed Banner
Custom Size
Purchase Only
Printed Structure, Temporary Onsite Applied, Printed Banner

Inflatable Structure Range

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