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Personal Structure Management

For clients who require a contemporary inflatable structure but don’t have the time, resources or space to install, de – rig, maintain and store the product. Optix offer a complete managed purchase option that removes all hassle from the ownership of a structure.

This option is ideally suited for brands wanting to carry out a roadshow series of installations.


Hassle Free


Optix will manage the storage, logistics, installation, removal, cleaning and maintenance of your inflatable structure. 


All we need to know is when you would like it installed and de-rigged, we will sort out the logistics, maintenance and storage.

Structure Management

Your structure will be managed by us in our temperature-controlled storage facilities with a maintenance and cleaning plan. Your structure will be ready for when you need it next, installed by Optix.

Owning a structure or a full printed structure cover allows your project to have a consistent, innovative approach to temporary structures for events or projects. 


When purchasing a structure, you have the option to direct print onto the structure, ideal for corporate colour guidelines and logos. Alternatively or in addition to a printed structure would be a printed cover option. This allows the main structure to be used with or without the cover giving the user different options.


If you require a different message from project to project, then we offer a temporary, onsite applied branding.

Master Class

We also offer a training program for installation, de-rig, cleaning, aftercare and maintenance should you require to do this within your organisation.

You can even pay a visit to your structure at any time at the Optix storage facility.

Talk to our specialists today to discuss how our managed purchase plan can work for you.

+44 (0)1424 772125

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