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20m Inflatable Dome with Printed Cover

With the University of Chichester already great clients of ours with a dome structure, we were excited at the prospect of working with a new university and hope to in future expand our clientele within the education sector.

The 20m inflatable dome for Bath Spa University featured a full cover of branding, flooring and carpet. This large inflatable dome was the main focus piece for registration for prospective students at a range of opening days over a 2 year period.

The dome had been booked in for a range of long and short term installs, with it staying up for over a month in it's longest period.

Optix make sure that weekly checks are carried out for the welfare of the clients as well as the structure maintenance.


Our large inflatable dome range really makes an impact for opening days at universities due to their impressive size and design. The experience created by a large inflatable dome is hard to match when considering a temporary event structure. The modern approach and lighting potential makes for large inflatable domes to be the perfect structure to house registrations, performances and exhibiting what your university has to offer.


With full scale print cover branding, your University logo can stand out and be visible from afar, a great first impression for guests arriving on site. By purchasing a large printed cover for all of our inflatable dome range, you can re-use this piece of large format branding on many events, both at your location and further afield.


Large Inflatable Dome Extras

This particular project consisted of a hard flooring system with brand new choice of colour carpet. This gives a solid feel to all users entering the large inflatable dome, furthermore, it makes for a really professional finish to the structure. All of our carpet is recycled after each event.

Our remote control LED lighting system was added to give a brighter white light glow to the 20m inflatable dome. We have many colour options at the touch of a button which add ambiance and can also couple with your branding and corporate colour guidelines.  

If you have a university event that our large inflatable domes would be perfect for, talk to our inflatable dome specialists today.

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