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Roofless Indoor Inflatable Cube Structures

In search of a fresh approach to temporary structures, you will find little else to beat the practicality, style and effectiveness of our inflatable Pyramic structures for breakouts and meetings.

Our Pyramic range consists of different sized options to accommodate various meeting sizes. This makes this our fastest growing structure in popularity for indoor events especially conferencing and exhibitions.

Fully customisable for all brands, activations and campaigns. With direct printing or temporary applied onsite branding, our Pyramics give complete creative freedom with your brand awareness campaign or area identification.

As a leading inflatable supplier, Optix Structures are the trusted inflatable hire company for UK and worldwide projects.

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Blackout Roofless Cubes

To take the inflatable Pyramic Pod structures to the next level, we offer a professional trussing system which supports a blackout canopy. The blackout canopy reduces the amount of ambient light within the structure. This increases the quality of the presentation and any lighting effects within the indoor inflatable cube. The trussing system can then act as your ground support for mounting projection or any other AV or decorative equipment. The trussing acts as a safety feature for structural support. 

The roofless design allows the indoor inflatable pods to be setup in most venues due to the lower structure height. This allows ceiling details such as chandeliers and other architectural details or hung branding to be visible from within the indoor inflatable structure.

Indoors, our pop up Pyramic Pod structures can act as contemporary zones in a variety of venues ranging from art galleries to exhibition centres.

Ideal for small to larger indoor meetings, our Pyramic Pods can transform larger spaces into smaller breakout rooms in the quickest and most innovative way possible in indoor temporary structures.

Pyramic Design

As well as being experienced designers and a leading inflatable Pyramic company, we also design and produce custom inflatable Panoramic along with our stock inflatable Panoramic to buy.

Inflatable Pyramic Applications:

Temporary event Pyramics can be used for:

  • Conference structures for main plenary sessions

  • Breakout spaces for smaller meetings within events

  • Roadshows and exhibition spaces

  • Pop up retail units

  • Open day structures for registration and meet and greets

  • Awards ceremonies and hospitality areas

  • Fashion Show structures for catwalk and backstage areas

  • Seasonal indoor grotto structures

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Indoor Creative Area Accessories:

  • Colour selective lighting

  • Aluminium truss system, perfect for applying a blackout roof, suspending or flying Audio Visual Equipment, graphics or other decorative pieces

  • Temporary branding, applied onsite or direct printing onto the structure (Purchase Only)

  • Hard flooring with carpet or different finish options

  • Free standing glazed doors with disabled ramps and crash bar exits

Pyramic Details

Setup / De-rig Times
Branding Option
≤ 20 mins
Rental | Purchase
Temporary applied onsite, printed
≤ 15 mins
Rental | Purchase
Temporary applied onsite, printed

Inflatable Structure Range

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