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Advanced Silent Fans for Quiet Inflatable Structures

Updated: Oct 9, 2023



With new advancements into silencing and air turbulence diffusion, you can now benefit from our advanced silent fans. Awarded quietest in their class, our fans also boast some of the lowest power consumptions on the market at just 40 watts, comparing the normal 120 watts minimum for powering inflatable structures. This is just one of the environmental factors that we instil within the Optix Structures service and ethos.


We are very proud to offer the quietest inflatable structures to event organisers that are looking for either the latest products in technological advances or just a quiet event with no noise pollution.

Compared to competing inflatable structure fans, the fans we use are a third quieter in decibel output on average.

Our indoor structures use incredibly lightweight technical fabrics that are inherently flame retardant and also reduce air loss through the fabric. This means that the fans which lay in line with the structure do not require to work as hard as when using heavier fabrics. The movement of air is the only audible sound rather than the moving parts of the fans, like a very quiet air conditioning unit. To learn how our structures are made read more here.

Our fans offer best-in-class sound reduction with the technology used in our fan units producing 40 decibels of sound to create a pop-up space to house up to 40 people. In relative terms, that's just over a quiet whisper and not as loud as rainfall - which all sounds very relaxing, doesn't it?!

Decibels and everyday references

  • 0 The softest sound a person can hear with normal hearing

  • 10 normal breathing

  • 20 whispering at 5 feet

  • 30 soft whisper

  • 40 Optix Structures fans

  • 50 rainfall

  • 60 normal conversation

  • 110 shouting in ear

  • 120 thunder

Our fans lay beneath the 60 dB conversation level, with microphones and a PA audio system the fans fall to an insignificant audible background that will not compete with any presentation or conversation. Check out how sound and professional audio systems work within our inflatable structures here.


Our portable, silent fans are great for any conference or pop-up meeting where public speaking is featured highly.

  • Speed control and noise reduction

  • Plastic construction for sound dampening

  • Fan blades are designed to get the maximum surface area of contact between the air to give the highest possible pressure

  • The aerodynamic blades of the impellor are ergonomically designed to cut through the air

  • The fan manufacturer we use in our inflatable structures has been given a Quiet Mark seal of approval

  • Minimum impact on conversation and audio from keynote and presentations. The idea is to create a quiet environment from our inflatable structures. You can read here our blog about how best to provide sound from within our inflatable structures

Minimizing our energy consumption

Our indoor fans are now powered by 24v fans which are considered an incredibly low voltage for providing a technical piece of equipment that generates the energy to support structures up to 14m in diameter. The 24v fans are also incredibly safe for standards such as the European Toy directive and suitably safe to be around children.

THis image shows an inflatabel structure for a small meeting using extremely low noise and voltage fan assisted technology
Ultra low noise technology to avoid competition with conversation

To hear how we at Optix Structures can provide the latest and greenest equipment for your next inflatable structure installation chat with us today.

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