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  • How are inflatable structures made?
    We produce our inflatable structures in a few design and production methods; Airflow, Sealed Air Beam and Sealed Frame options.
  • How long do inflatable structures take to setup?
    This varies with the design and size of the structure and the environment (indoor/outdoor) and the surface material. With the smallest indoor structure taking less than 3 minutes including electrics
  • What can inflatable structures be used for?
    Inflatable structures can be used for many uses such as; coverings, creative spaces, shelters, reception areas, break out sessions, launch events, brand activations, interviews, classrooms, studios, offices, meeting rooms, fan zones, broadcast units, restaurants, theatres, clubs, exhibition spaces, storage, sensory spaces, gyms, fitness studios, treatment rooms, stage covers, main plenary structures, grottos, bars, retail display, pop up promotions, shop fits, construction, hospitality areas, humanitarian aid, scientific and forensic tents, partitions, walling, galleries and much more.
  • Can inflatables be made any shape?
    Inflatable structures can be designed in pretty much any shape imaginable, as long as there is enough space.
  • How easy are inflatable structures to set up and take down?
    As experienced installers, to us, inflatable structures are very easy to setup and take down. Like most practical tasks, it’s all in the preparation. If you are purchasing a structure from Optix we will provide full instructions and a hands on demo depending on size.
  • What is the process for setup and derig?
    First you prepare the electrics and the site, roll out a protective ground sheet, unroll the structure and unfold, install lights and fans and inflate. Once inflated remove the ground sheet. To de-rig, this process goes in reverse.
  • How long do they take to inflate and deflate?
    Our inflatable structures range from 1 minute to 30 minute inflations, depending on size and design.
  • What other accessories can be added to the structures?
    Lighting, flooring, door systems and branding can be added to complement the inflatable structure range.
  • Do Optix Structures travel outside of the UK?
    Yes, we travel to all corners of the globe both for rental and our structures also through purchase projects.
  • Do Optix design custom structures and products?
    We do indeed. Please send us your concept, timeframe and brief and we’ll be sure to let you know our thoughts.
  • Where can I buy inflatable structures?
    Inflatable structures can be bought directly from Optix. We have either a range of made to order designs, the option of a bespoke design or we have used ex rental stock.
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