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Custom Inflatable Tent Structure

Inflatable structures have many uses across a multitude of projects and industries. The nature of customised inflatable structures means that these on-the-go solutions are quick and stylish and work well with bespoke projects for specific requirements. 

In 2017, we were commissioned to design and create an alternative to a current system for Coram Life Education.

The older offering, the LifeBus is a mobile trailer unit fully kitted out with equipment to provide the service. The LifeBus has inbuilt audio and visual equipment and is delivered by a towing vehicle to schools across the UK. The LifeBus would be parked in the school’s car park the day before activation day and then towed away.

life-education mobile bus service.png

Bespoke Pop Up Classroom

Coram had many ideas for their bespoke inflatable structure project to ensure best practices for working within schools were adhered to.


  • To recreate the magical and experiential environment of the mobile classroom facilities that operate in the community

  • To create a pop-up solution that is easy to deploy for a single educator

  • Possible to fit into the back of a car

  • Quick to install and pack away

  • To incorporate features of the LifeBus such as integral lighting, interactive walls for affixing laminates and also a secret compartment to house the famous hand puppet, Harold.

  • To have the ability to brand each structure with sponsors’ logos


This custom inflatable tent project would be designed to create a Wow factor within classrooms and provide a cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to the on-the-road Lifebus Trailer.

The Life Education Centre (LifeBus) is a specially equipped classroom with two trained educators and it visits schools across areas of the UK. The programmes encourage children to be aware of the importance of looking after their bodies and developing the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices. Age-appropriate information is discussed keeping a healthy mind and body by exploring internet use and safety, the effect on the body of different drugs including medicines, alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs and how to make healthy informed choices and to develop a range of strategies to deal with peer influence and pressure and also their mental health.

Custom Inflatable Portable Classroom

Benefits of Using Custom
Inflatable Structures

Scarf - SCARF's online resources support primary schools in promoting positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement – giving them everything they need to meet the new Relationships Education and Health Education requirements. The educator workshops are managed by one singular educator and operate across all year groups within primary schools.



  • Cost-saving; time-saving, space-saving, fewer resources and personnel required, portable, awe-inspiring, attention focusing and ability to expand into new areas.



  • Pop-up sealed air frame system with a polyurethane inner bladder system. We had designed the custom inflatable tent structure to be modular so that in the event of damage to a section, then a replacement could be quickly deployed by the onsite educator.

  • In-built warm air and CO2 exhaust system with ventilation mesh.

  • Removable LED remote control system.

  • Removable house to hold the brand’s figurehead character, Harold the Giraffe.

  • Removable material projection screen.

  • Loop nylon walls for attaching velcro laminates for interactive learning.

  • Roll up curtains to allow exterior lighting effects onto the blackout roof interior.

  • Sturdy wheeled holdall cases weighing under 19kg each.

  • Sponsor branding for certain areas and their respective trustee fundraisers.

  • Fan port to allow an exterior airflow to cool the user inside.

Inflatable Workshops Within schools

Aberdeen Life Education’s Henry Riddoch had a pivotal part in the design and project, applying his experience in products and legislations within learning environments.


A key factor to success of this custom inflatable tent project was working with the guidelines for air changes within a certain space within an allotted time. Up to 32 children and teaching staff would be present within the custom air beam tent. This would therefore create a lot of carbon dioxide and heat. Our ventilation and exhaustion design was integral in the pop-up makeup ensuring heat and C02 were exhausted through the mesh roof along.

Used in conjunction with a super short throw projector and Curiscope’s Virtuali-Tee: The Ultimate way to Learn about the Body! Children witness a theatre-style interactive learning experience.

Surrey schools pop up bespoke inflatable tent structure.jpg

Pop Up Inflatable Classroom

Educators can now set up LifeSpace within a matter of minutes and resume the Life Education service across the country, all from the boot of a car. No longer are 4x4 vehicles and a towing licence by a specially trained installer required.


To date, 20 units have been produced and distributed to all areas of the UK from Dorset to Aberdeen and are now being delivered to schools invested in the service.

As well as now providing a fantastic and exciting service for many schools, the newly designed customised inflatable structure system LifeSpace, is reducing its carbon footprint by transporting in small cars with the educator on the same trip.

For more information about LifeSpace and how it can be featured in your area for state and private schools, check out the locations.


If you have a specialist structure that requires a fast deployment time that requires specific design detail then we’d be happy to help you achieve your vision.

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