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Our recent pop up partitions project at East Of England Arena was to create 4 roofless areas of 10 x 10m with a flexible orientation that worked with the venue’s and the AV company’s layout. Normally our 10 x 10m areas would work well with our Panoramic range, however, the entrance and exits are sited on opposing ends. The need was to have a break in the outermost corners for AV and technical services. This can easily be achieved with our I Wall system due to its modularity and ease of multi configuration attachments.

Pop Up Partitioning

The I Walls, part of our inflatable wall range are the most flexible solution to bespoke layouts for events. Although no roof was present in this layout, the sound is still baffled by the pop up air walls so minimal sound pollution is leaked.

Modular Event Partitions

The mobility of the pop up wall and partition range is ideal for events and any project that requires a quick, stylish and cost effective partition or walled area. The height of 2.5m means that the walls will fit in most rooms within venues. So if you have areas that need beautifying, and quickly, then our inflatable walls are the ideal choice. Prices start from £150 plus delivery. We don’t dry hire our equipment so all of our range stays immaculate and in constant quality control. 

Fast Deployment

Clean tarpaulins are always used to create a barrier between the venue floor and our precious white structures. No matter how clean we think the floor is, it is always the least clean surface in any venue, this is why hotels have busy patterns on their high traffic areas to mask any dirt or stains. When the tarpaulins are laid out, we often give them a clean before we roll out the inflatable air walls. Laying electrics, feeding through the lights and joining the structures when deflated is the largest time consumption of the task. Inflation is the quickest part. When fully inflated we remove the tarpaulins and adjust the walls. This is the best time to apply the temporary branding and the exit signs to the Air walls.

Transforming Spaces

Most venues will have an in-house sprinkler system so roofed structures for events aren’t permitted, the Optix inflatable wall range allows a full clear and unobstructed view of the ceiling which also allows hung banners and trussing through the opening above the walls. 

Inflatable conference walling was the most effective and stylish option to transform an area as large as this to accommodate 80 guests plus technical equipment and crew.

Our inflatable walls for events and all projects are available from £150 plus delivery.

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