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Your logo, your brand, your message

Event structure branding is key when you and your brand wants to stand out and get your message in stunning full colour vibrancy. At Optix we have several ways to brand our impressive inflatable structures.

All of our inflatable structure range has the ability to be branded. Turning our regular premium structures to on brand masterpieces. Here are the differences between each method of branding for pop up structures.


This is a quick and flexible way to represent your brand’s corporate colours. Remote controlled LED lights are housed within the structure to give the structure a soft glow. Choose from solid colours or different colour cycles to brand your inflatable structure.


This is a cost effective and reusable option. Your logo or message is etched into a profile spotlight template and beamed onto our structures.


This method is similar to vinyl graphic application. Artwork is printed onto an adhesive media and applied to the structure when inflated. This is a great way to add coloured branding to the inflatable structure.


Suitable for rental or purchase dome structures, these exterior removable graphic covers are installed over the structure to create a tight fit over the outside of the structure. This gives a reusable and cost effective way to brand inflatables.


Your logo can be digitally projected onto our inflatable structures from a mounted projector or spotlight. Our structures can be mapped to allow millimeter perfect throws of creative content. This gives an incredible, engaging user experience with the flexibility to create a large amount of content over a large timeline.


This option is perfect for when you want your branding to go full scale and incorporate it into the design of the structure. Direct print is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces of the structure.

Mixture of branding styles

The majority of the above branding styles can be mixed and matched so you are not limited to one style.

For example, if you are looking for a temporary hire solution we could offer a structure with corporate colour lighting + graphic application branding.

Or if you are looking to purchase a structure for a roadshow campaign then we can design and produce a fully custom designed and printed inflatable structure with interior corporate colour lighting.

Or if you are looking to hire an inflatable structure for a product launch then we can design and produce a fully printed cover to be applied to our hire range of temporary event dome.​.

Inflatable Structure Range

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