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Inflatable Meeting Spaces


Inflatable meeting spaces are what we specialise in and are our most common request for indoor events within larger venue halls and rooms. 


A recent project took us to Vienna, Austria, to supply 10 larger inflatable meeting pods for up to 100 people seated in a classroom environment (rows of tables and chairs all facing the presenter).


Our inflatable meeting pods were used to divide up the large hall to accommodate 10 breakout meetings. Each large temporary meeting structure was host to a carpeted area, installed audiovisual equipment and furniture, installed by 3rd party suppliers. After the carpet and electrics, we are commonly the next supplier to enter the venue and install our temporary meeting spaces and services. Other suppliers such as AV, furniture and decorative can then follow after. 

The venue itself had a high ceiling and also several columns which we were able to position our inflatable meeting rooms around. The venue floor space had approximately 2500m2 of usable floor area which we then effectively divided up using 5 x 14m panoramics, 5 x 12m Pyramics from our pop up meeting space range. 


Due to the venue’s health and safety and in-house sprinkler system we were only permitted to have a roofless structure, which made the Panoramic and Pyramic range ideal. We also had been requested to support these indoor roofless meeting spaces from hanging points in the venues rigging facilities. This was achieved by supporting rigging lines to the structure which would act as a fail-safe to any power loss to the venue.


The inception of the product started in December 2019, as we needed to manufacture a few more inflatable meeting structures to fulfil the order requirements, we came up against the supply line issue of COVID19 in early January. Getting materials and logistics of the final product was incredibly expensive and susceptible to unknown delays. However, everything was produced ahead of schedule and we made the journey from the UK across Europe to Vienna to install the 10 pop up meeting rooms.

We always like to offer onsite support for our meeting pod installations, allowing the client peace of mind and also to answer any questions one might have about any pop-up meeting room related query.


The setup process and logistics itself consisted of 2 medium panel vans, 3 Optix installation crew and local stagehands to aid with the load-in and de-rig. In addition to the inflatable breakout spaces, we also provided and installed free-standing doors to finish off the temporary meeting space with a professional and functional look and feel. The double door systems are available to lock, giving the client and delegates the option to lock the spaces so work gear is safe at times of lunch break or at the end of day.


We installed each popup meeting room with LED remote control lights, should the client wish to change these to their desired effect during the event days. The lighting system works very well when the house lights are turned down to give a warm glow from within the structures cavity wall.

The drive from our warehouse to the venue took 17 hours and we arrived ahead of schedule to start unloading. This in turn always helps so we can give us much time as possible for suppliers coming in after our services. The setup took 12 hours and with the derig taking around 9 hours. We aim to leave at least a full day clear whereby audiovisual companies and furniture can come in and conduct setup and sounds tests. This means the inflatable spaces are clear for meeting rehearsals and run-throughs also.

The event adopted a wireless headphone system due to the venue's hard floors, high ceilings and the structures being so close together with roofless structures. Keynotes were presented as normal, however headphones took place of larger loudspeakers, improving the sound quality for the user for this particular venue and layout.


As predicted our inflatable meeting spaces looked fantastic and created some much stylish zoned areas for 1000+ people.

To find out more and to hear how our temporary meeting inflatables can make your event work for you, call our team today or get a quote.

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