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Fast and Modular Creative Wall System

As leaders in air architecture, we have a vision to transform projects from concept to reality with our tailored inflatable structures. With all size and complexities of projects considered, there is always an inflatable solution to an innovative project.

If you can dream it, it can become a reality. There is no limit to what our air architecture designers can achieve. Bespoke inflatables can solve many problems and produce an innovative and contemporary style to any project.

With fast setup times, a custom made inflatable can add wow factor and value to your brand or project. The possibilities are endless; with full scale printing, making sure your brand or company colours can make a statement or a shaped design that represents a specific layout.

In-House Inflatable Design

Made to order inflatables provide a complementing addition to contemporary spaces as well as an impressive contrast to older venues and spaces.

Work closely with our in-house custom inflatable designers to find the right structure style, shape and size.

Live your custom pop up structure in 3D to visualise what it will look like in the real world.

Use existing artwork or utilize our custom graphic design services to realize your unique inflatable structure.

As a specialist inflatable producer, Optix Structures are the trusted bespoke inflatable company for UK and worldwide projects.

Optix bespoke inflatable structures are designed to excel in any industry. Whatever the project, speak to our designers today.

Ideas for custom made inflatables:

Temporary event walls can be used for:

  • Brand activation inflatables

  • Inflatable company or brand logos

  • Bespoke inflatable exhibition stands

  • Bespoke pop up retail units

  • Temporary classrooms and room divisions for education

  • Pop up gallery walls for modern art galleries

  • Customised and sponsored inflatable backdrops for theatres, interviews, photography and e-sports

  • Custom site offices within construction industry

  • Print and branded therapy partitions and privacy screens for mobile therapists and technicians

  • Full print inflatable screens

Pod Health - 5.jpg

Bespoke Inflatable Accessories:

Fully printed inflatable wall covers | direct printing onto inflatable | temporary branding | choice of materials and textures (e.g faux leather, denim, PVC, silk) | in built technology like screens and lighting | detachable assets such as inflatable logos | free standing doors | inbuilt services such as electrical points and data lines | hidden audio systems | storage compartments | windows and hatches

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