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Sometimes venues can be limiting with restrictions such as low ceilings, supportive pillars or hanging features.

Our recent project at The Oval was another custom layout to take into consideration a walkway for delegates coming into the structure, avoiding venue pillars, and a side exit to lead to the lavatory. 

The venue, renowned for its historical cricket matches and home to Surrey County Cricket also is a unique venue for corporate events. The venue hosts some large spaces in areas which would be used on match day for refreshments and entrance and exits. This makes for a real experience for those into cricket or those who have not seen the venue or anything like it before. The event spaces for this particular area were needing a little more aesthetic improvement but also to section off a larger area.

Modular Walling

Our inflatable wall system was internally lit with remote control LEDs to represent the end client’s corporate identity. Within a couple of hours we quite literally transformed the area to make it feel more enclosed, add some creative style and also help with the sound travel reduction.


Our inflatable partitions come in 2,3,4,5 and 10m lengths so we have lengths to make pretty much any configuration you can think of. From small pop up escape rooms to large main plenary seated areas, our pop up walls have transformed many venues for many event companies and brands. Their modularity allows angles to be made off of each end allowing 90 degree turns for support and to form the edge of the inflatable space. 

Inflatable Divisions

We inflated these inflatable spaces and inflatable rooms within a few minutes, with the whole project taking 2 crew around 3 hours. Like most jobs, the preparation work taking the most of the time.


Inflatable partitions helped to solve a solution where this particular event required a custom sized area to work within a challenging space.  

Our inflatable walls start from £150 plus VAT and delivery. Talk to one of our pop up walling specialists today.

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