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The return of indoor events post-pandemic.

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

After what feels like an eternity of social distancing and far too many cancelled events, the world is gradually returning to normal. Across the UK, covid restrictions have been lifted and indoor events are back in full force.

The government even announced a Live Event Reinsurance Scheme which runs until September 2022 and covers the cost of cancelling or rescheduling an event due to covid restrictions.

The last few years have driven a lot of innovative solutions for hosting safe indoor events, such as temporary inflatable event structures to create comfortable, secure spaces. And these creative solutions are here to stay.

Hosting an indoor even post-pandemic? Here are our top tips for success.

Benefits of hosting an indoor event

For those of us based in the UK, it almost goes without saying that indoor events are a good idea. This summer may have been the warmest on record but these sunny days won’t last and a balmy afternoon is never guaranteed.

Hosting your event indoors ensures that the show will go on whether it’s rainy or bright outside.

An indoor event also means that you’re more likely to have access to facilities such as running water, toilets, and electricity, making it easier to cater to your guest’s comfort.

How have indoor events changed post covid

Even as restrictions have been lifted and events have started to look a lot more like they did in a pre-pandemic world, attention to details like cleanliness and safety are still huge considerations.

Whether it’s Covid-19 or the common cold, people are a lot more aware of the spread of germs and demand high hygiene standards. When planning an indoor event, it pays to be aware that many people are immuno-compromised and may feel anxious about entering an enclosed venue.

It’s a good idea to consider safety measures like increased cleaning, well-spaced seating plans and ventilation to make sure your event is a comfortable and safe experience for all. Be sure to communicate these extra precautions to your guests on the night and ahead of the event.

Or why not be creative and use inflatable event structures such as blow-up domes or sensory pods to create fun break-out spaces for guests to enjoy?

Inflatable event structures = the future of events?

Throughout the pandemic, we had to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to create safe spaces for people.

Temporary inflatable structures and pop-up walling were used to create safe areas for Covid-19 testing in community halls and other large public buildings.

This kind of creative solution will not just be limited to pandemic safety measures but will be carried forward to future events.

Whether it’s opting for an inflatable dome rental rather than a marquee or using inflatable walls to create break-out spaces, temporary pop-up structures can be tailored to the needs of your event.

They can even be customised for a bespoke experience to create themed, cosy snuggle spaces or other fun ideas, the opportunities are endless!

Types of inflatable event structures

You might have seen inflatable domes before at events or conferences, but did you know there are many other types of temporary inflatable structures too?

Whether you want to create an indoor event with a large inflatable cube, complete with hard flooring and glazed doors, or simply want to offer a little cover with an air roof, there is an inflatable solution.

Inflatable walls, roofless panoramic domes, and cute little luna pods can also be used to create fun, themed, and more intimate spaces within a large event.

And when it comes to inflatable walls, the opportunities are almost limitless! Easily create bespoke spaces and memorable indoor events with temporary inflatable structures.

How much do inflatable event structures cost?

The price of using temporary inflatable structures at your event will vary depending on your needs. From small, individual sensory pods, to large enclosed event structures, there is a vast range of options available for all budgets.

If you don’t plan on hosting regular indoor events and you don’t need a custom inflatable structure, you might want to consider renting instead of buying (this also saves the hassle of having to store your inflatable structure between events).

Ready to host an indoor event post-pandemic?

The team at Optix are experts in inflatable event structures. If you tell them where you’re planning to host your event, how many people will attend, and any creative ideas you have such as printed covers, temporary branding or fun lighting, they can help make your dreams a reality.

If you want to know more about how Optix can work with you to find the perfect inflatable structures for all your indoor event needs post-pandemic, get in touch with us now!

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