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How Inflatables Can be Used at Exhibitions

Updated: May 19, 2023

Most of us have attended an exhibition at some point in our lives. It might have been a trade show or consumer exhibition… At these exhibitions there are usually a couple of exhibitors who really stand out from the crowd.

exhibition stand

Setting Up Your Exhibition Stand

If you are an exhibitor you generally have the choice between a shell scheme or space only. Both of these options can work well - it is all about the design of your stand and how you promote your brand.

At your stand you may promote your business through branding and other visuals, which is a good way to cover walls within your stand. Logos, brand colours and imagery to communicate your brand’s message will be very important here as you want to ensure that your customers recognise you as a business.

To ensure that your stand is promoted from all areas of the exhibition hall, you may set up suspensions from the ceiling - there are many different types of event rigging to choose between. Suspensions can also help customers to navigate through to your stand if they are on the opposite side of the hall.

If you choose ‘space only’ for your exhibition stand, then inflatable walls could be a great solution if you are wanting to divide the space up or create a unique experience for your customers. For something more enclosed, an inflatable cube could be a good alternative.

Inflatable Event Structures

Alongside the exhibition stands, there are generally other activities such as conference rooms and seminar spaces, for presentations or theatre demonstrations.

This part of the exhibition is a great way to have a break from being on your feet all day walking around the stands. It also provides a brilliant opportunity to meet other people working in the same industry.

Inflatable event structures

What Can The Inflatable Structures be Used For?

Inflatable structures come in all shapes and sizes, from domes to cubes to walls. The inflatable domes or inflatable cubes can be used for a variety of activities, from conference spaces to seminar rooms to interactive environments. If you are looking for a more enclosed space with roofing, then inflatable cubes or domes would be the best solution.

The inflatable structure can be filled with items relevant for your exhibition, for example if it was a seminar room you can add chairs and a presentation stand at the front. The inflatable event cube or dome can be easily personalised depending on the chosen activity.

 inflatable structure

Customising Your Inflatable Event Dome

Custom inflatable structures work really well for these pop up conference rooms and seminar spaces. The inflatable cubes and domes are easy to construct and there is a whole variety of different styles that you can choose from for your event.

To personalise your inflatable cube or dome, you might decide to add branding to ensure that the structure represents your company's message and beliefs. This can include logos, large imagery, text… The possibilities are endless!

inflatable event dome

How Can I Use My Inflatable Cube?

There are many uses of the cubes and domes.

The inflatable event structures work really well as conference breakout pods. They can also be used for presentations if you decide to add chairs, tables and a stand.

Your inflatable event structure could even be used to create an immersive experience (such as a sensory experience) as the structure can be closed to hide any sound or interaction.

When you are inside the inflatable cube or dome, you feel as if you have entered a completely different environment despite being situated in the same exhibition hall.

inflatable cube

Get In-Touch Today With Our Team!

If you are planning an event and are looking for an inflatable structure, get in-touch today with our friendly team so you can discuss your ideas. Our range is available via our website

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