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The multiple uses of inflatable walls

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

When we first set out, making the transition from designing and producing conference sets and exhibition stands with good old timber and aluminium to a slightly more soft and tactile alternative being parachute material, was a welcome change.

We never thought when we first designed and produced our very first inflatable wall, just how versatile they would be.

Just thinking of a need for a temporary wall or partition can throw up interesting examples where our inflatable walls can be used or featured. With the need within an event for all types of backdrops or walling, our inflatable walls have been the staple structure of our event rental range.

The air wall offers a practical, purposeful and versatile solution for the next gen(air)ation of indoor live events.

The air wall is an ideal walling system for event applications such as conferences, exhibitions and roadshows. Each pop up wall structure has the ability to link together to create a wall to whatever size you require, this also means that multiple configurations are possible.

Along with the ability to change the environment’s colour with our integral remote control lighting system, the air wall can be branded with your logo or event message, allowing our exhibition and conference structures to become an extension of your brand.

So what are the possibilities of our inflatable wall range?

Pop Up Wall Versatility

  • Divisions within classrooms. Focusing attention within the classroom environment can help classes become disruptive. Temporary pop up walls can create a visual barrier so that children can focus on the task at hand without being distracted by another activity in another section of the space. Read our blog here about open-plan classrooms and if these are making sense to the modern-day school.

  • Inflatable photo backdrops. When you want a textured backdrop that is backlit to create a soft glow then our inflatable photo walls are ideal for your next event. Ranging from 3-30+ metres we have a modern approach to temporary photo walls that are incredibly quick to set up. Furthermore, our walls can be branded and applied with sponsor logos, perfect for film premieres and pre and post-sports match interviews.

  • Pop-up advertising hoarding. An innovative blank canvas that can be internally lit, highlighting your brand identity or marketing message.

  • Inflatable changing rooms. Fashion by its nature is always on the edge and pushing boundaries. Fashion shows are the height of innovation and modern thinking. In retail within high street stores, brands provide permanent places to try on clothes. But what about popups and events that require changing rooms close to the hub of the activity such as the catwalk? Our Inflatable changing rooms create a highly portable and fast solution that provides a space for privacy. Our modular walls zip together and link to create whatever size you need, so if it's a one-person space right up to a multi-person room, our Inflatable walling system can make up the changing room for your needs.

  • Larger breakout spaces made with inflatable walls. Our most popular use of the inflatable wall system. Its modularity makes the walls incredibly flexible to work with. Read our blog here for tips on how to use these within events. In addition, read how a previous event went in our inflatable wall case study here.

  • Event signposting and inflatable walling to guide footfall flow

  • Inflatable Maizes. A great indoor team-building activity that can be paired with an escape room task.

  • Bespoke inflatable walling for commissioned projects. Back in 2018, we collaborated on a bespoke structure with an elite sports car brand to provide an exterior privacy wall to keep their new prototypes away from potentially prying eyes. The project required natural ambient light to get a feel for body contours and light reflections yet there needed to be high walls to block out any unwanted onlooking competition. Read our case study about it here.

If your event is looking for something that looks fresh and exciting and also provides a worthwhile user experience then speak to us today about your event.

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