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Air supported conferences

Updated: May 19, 2023

Air supported conferences

How do we inspire and engage our audience at conferences? It all starts with creating an experience, an atmosphere that isn’t often found.

Our pop-up conference pods inflate in no time, giving the conference attendees a unique, spacious, and dynamic environment to network and exchange ideas.

Inflatable conference pods and structures give you the option to veer away from rigid conference rooms, inflatable structures are the future of events!

How do inflatable conference rooms change the look of a conference?

Inflatable conference rooms bring a touch of playfulness and creativity to traditional conference settings. They break away from the traditional boxy conference rooms, offering a unique and visually appealing alternative. Our conference structures can be customised to fit any theme, colour scheme, or brand image, making them a perfect fit for corporate events and conferences.

An inflatable conference space brings dynamic, flowing shapes that create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, while the soft curves and warm lighting of the structures foster an environment of innovation and collaboration. This unique setting can enhance the overall look of the conference and help attendees feel more engaged and inspired.

Moreover, our inflatable conference rooms are highly versatile and can be set up in various locations, including outdoor spaces, trade show floors, and large indoor spaces. They offer a flexible solution to space constraints and can be adapted to accommodate a variety of events, from product launches to team-building activities.

Inflatable conference rooms offer a fresh and innovative approach to conference design, making them a popular choice for event planners looking to create an impactful and memorable experience for attendees. Delegate satisfaction is the most crucial aspect of conference organising, creating an experience that engages and inspires while keeping to core company messages is key.

Perfect for conference organisers

Hosting a conference within an inflatable conference space can be a truly unique and memorable experience for attendees. The air-filled structure creates an atmosphere of openness and fluidity, giving attendees the feeling of being in a dynamic and flexible space.

The soft curves and natural lighting of the structure foster a sense of comfort and relaxation, allowing attendees to feel at ease and more focused during presentations and discussions. This, in turn, can lead to more productive and engaging sessions, as attendees are less likely to feel cramped or confined.

Additionally, the ability to customise the structure to fit specific themes or brands can create a highly personalised experience for attendees, and help reinforce key messages or branding.

Furthermore, inflatable conference spaces offer a unique and flexible solution to space constraints, allowing organisers to host events in a variety of locations, including outdoor spaces and large indoor spaces.

Overall, hosting a conference within an inflatable conference space can bring a new level of excitement and creativity to any event, offering attendees a truly one-of-a-kind experience that they won't soon forget.

Multiple sizes for ranging delegate numbers

 inflatable conference space

Whatever the guest size per area, we have a structure design and size to accommodate, from our roofless panoramic range to our impressive larger inflatable cubes, we have a tried and tested solution for your next conference.

Talk to our team who have over 15 years of conference structure design and building experience to hear our suggestions on the perfect inflatable conference space for your future events.

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