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Our inflatable conference structures are the perfect complement to any venue. Optix provides pop-up conference rooms within ballrooms, halls and suites worldwide. 


The ever-changing world of conferencing is constantly finding ways to engage and excite delegates and audiences to provide a motivating and aspirational drive for a company’s or organisation's message and brand.

Why choose an inflatable conference space?

There are so many benefits both logistically and aesthetically with our pop-up conference structures. Our conferences spaces and pods help to produce a contemporary and quick installation to any conference room with many positives such as:

  • Quick installation
    Conference pods and wall divisions can be set up in as little as 3 minutes, perfect for when your set up time in a venue is short or if you need a flexible creative space from room to room. 

  • Portable structures
    With many of our larger conference pods taking from 1-2 people to install and de-rig, our structures can be taken into many spaces and access lifts, ensuring an innovative space within most rooms in a venue.

Inflatable walling for conferences
Conference inflatable structures hotel venue

Pop-Up Conference Structures benefits cont...

  • Branding and light theming
    Our inflatable conference rooms can be easily identified and themed with internal mood lighting, perfect for area association or corporate branding colours. Coupled with the ability to provide branding and graphic application Optix conference pods are the perfect solution for engaging spaces for sponsorship and event branding.

  • Almost silent design
    As well as being able to install larger temporary spaces within minutes, our temporary structures create next to zero noise. Conversations and presentations are heard loud and clear without any audible distractions.
    Due to the nature of an inflatable structure, our structures offer sound dampening through the air cavity wall which is the integral design and makeup of each inflatable conference space or wall. The air cavity wall acts as a baffle and can deaden travelling sound waves from both within and outside the structure’s walls. Additional soundproofing can be added as an option as the structures are not soundproof, however past clients remark on the positive properties of the sound-insulated space within venues.

  • Carbon-reducing
    Our airflow structures are made of 90% air so and at a lower carbon footprint than alternative structures, allowing setup and de-rig to exist in much smaller and greener vehicles.

Multi-Room Structures

Suitable for all areas within a conference such as delegate registration, temporary cloakroom and bag storage, speaker green rooms, break-out rooms and spaces and then main plenary. Inflatables are incredibly stylish and the fastest option for all larger meetings.


Inflatable Breakout Rooms


Incredibly popular within your conference, we offer a range of inflatable breakout spaces that suit your chosen venue.

Our roofless breakout pods create the atmosphere of a fully enclosed space with our curved or pitched walls. The panoramic opening within the roof allows great ventilation and also benefits from the venue’s air conditioning system.

If you have a room with columns and are needing to adhere to certain fire escapes and routes then our flexible inflatable walls create a modular system to create an engaging space. Temporary conference walling is perfect for when needing to section off areas for registration and other areas where privacy screening is required.

Inflatable conference pods

Inflatable Structure Range

Pop up conference spaces

International Conferencing

Wherever your conference or meeting, Optix are an experienced and trusted inflatable structure hire company that can help elevate your next corporate meeting.


If your company or brand require a full-scale representation of your event or brand then our custom conference structures for purchase give you complete flexibility. Our inflatable structure installation management service is then offered if you are looking for multiple locations on a roadshow basis or simply want peace of mind of activation on an ad-hoc basis.


There are many options for your next conference space within a venue. Our Panoramic, Pyramic and inflatable walling produce larger areas for workshops and meetings. We look forward to hearing how our inflatable spaces can help with your next conference within a venue.

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