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Our latest case study took us to Leeds with our pop up igloo range.

Conference and meetings, or in our last project’s case a training day come team build sometimes have the need to create sections within a venue. Our inflatable igloos have provided many event breakout sessions and pop up meeting spaces. This time took us to Leeds for a mixture of team training, building and social event.

After an early start at 4am to beat the traffic and ensure plenty of time to set up our contemporary igloo pods,we arrived way ahead of time at the Armouries venue in Leeds.


We had 5 of our panoramic pods known as inflatable igloos to install. After unloading the van and carting our equipment into the event hall, we gave our tarpaulins an additional clean to ensure our pop up igloos have the cleanest environment to be setup in and ensure the quality of the product and our service.
Laying out the igloos for inflation was next and installing the remote controlled LED lights. This gives the client the option of colour themeing or branding their inflatable igloo zone.
Finishing an hour before the client arrived, the igloo pods were ready for audio visual after an hour. Then came the not so glamorous part of the job (along with the 4am start) of tidying cables and tucking them away out of sight. When the client arrived all that was needed was a quick change of colour on the remote controls and all was good for the event.


The next day, we offered an on call support service which gives the customer a bit of peace of mind if there are any last minute changes or help needed. However, this event was straight forward with regards to requirements and no support was required. Sometimes we get asked to come in after the morning and move the igloos around to another space or to remove some structures to make more room for other activities. The event was live for only 4 hours, so at 1pm we had the go ahead to de-rig the inflatable igloos.
So, just like the setup, but in reverse. The house crew emptied the furniture, the AV company removed their AV and we were clear to de-rig. We laid out our clean floor barriers, killed the power to the inflatables and ensured the pods dropped safely. Removing the lights, followed by the fans, the igloos then could be cleaned, rolled up and packed away. The removal can take longer than the setup due to the cleaning process and removal of equipment inside. We usually help with the removal of equipment to make it easier for our fellow event crew and companies.

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