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Purchase: The next [gen-air-ation] of structures to the world. today

When you require an inflatable structure to call your very own, Optix offers the ability to purchase an inflatable structure for use in your next project.

The place to buy inflatable structures, from a UK leading designer, supplier and installer. Choose from the Optix purchase range of inflatable structures. Making your next project, event, class or session stand out from the rest.

The trusted place to buy inflatable structures. Quality inflatable creative spaces for any application across any industry. If you have an idea, Optix Structures will have an innovative partition or covering to suit. All of our inflatable structure range are available to purchase. All of our inflatable structure purchase range is hand made to order, this makes branding and identification an ideal addition. 

We have a couple of options to purchase an Optix inflatable structure. These are: Direct purchase where installations are carried out by yourself with follow step instructions.  Or, a managed purchase option where Optix handle all of the physical, logistical and storage processes of owning an inflatable structure.

Inflatable Structure Purchase Range

  • Air Roofs

  • Panoramics

  • Inflatable Offices

  • Inflatable Walls

  • Bespoke Inflatables

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